Suburban women used to be a major asset for the Republican Party.
Yet another election dispute in a potentially critical swing state has landed at the Supreme Court’s door step. Republican legislative leaders, as well as the Trump campaign joined by the RNC, have asked that the Supreme Court to undo a...
President Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part thanks to his base of support: white voters who lack college degrees.
President Trump and Joe Biden are facing off in their second and final debate before the election.
Trump has been debating for five years. The shock has gotten old.
Part of President Donald Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview that he reportedly cut short out of rage on Tuesday involved reporter Lesley Stahl confronting Trump on one of his many falsehoods.
The 2020 debate cycle began with 20 Democratic candidates over two nights in Miami. (Remember that?)
Facebook touted its efforts to combat election interference and privacy protection in a purple-colored page that wrapped around Thursday's Wall Street Journal. The top half of the page had large text that read, "We support...
Both Iran and Russia had obtained some Americans’ voter registration information, John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, said.
Former President Barack Obama gave a fiery speech in Philadelphia attacking Trump as incompetent and surrounded by hacks while promoting Joe Biden
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