The win puts both of the state’s Senate seats in the hands of Democrats.
Democrats have flipped two Senate seats – in Arizona and Colorado – but lost one seat in Alabama.
Republicans flipped back key seats that Democrats won in 2018, unseating freshmen incumbents in Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Iowa
Collins, the sole Republican to vote against Trump’s recent SCOTUS nominee, is headed back to Washington.
Democrats won two seats held by Republicans: in Colorado and Arizona. But Republicans held off challengers in Iowa, Montana and South Carolina.
Graham was reelected despite his Democratic opponent raising more money than any Senate candidate in history.
The race to fill the seat of Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows drew national attention after the surprise Republican primary win by Madison Cawthorn in June.
Democrats are trying to flip key Republican strongholds, as the election remains close between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.
After years in which the court has boosted religious freedom and granted increasing LGBTQ rights, it now confronts a case where one side has to lose.
In Michigan, Democrat incumbent Senator Gary Peters leads Republican challenger John James in the final weekend before Election Day.  The PoliticalIQ poll has Peters in front of James among Likely Voters, 50% to 41%.  The poll, conducted...
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