As Thanksgiving approaches, 59% of voters nationwide believe that former Vice President Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of Election 2020. However, a Political IQ survey found that 32% disagree and believe President Trump actually won.
By Noam N. Levey Los Angeles Times As the first COVID-19 vaccines move toward federal approval, states are racing to finalize plans for who will get the first doses and...
The Michigan and national Republican parties have asked the Board of State Canvassers to delay certification of the state's election results in a bid to investigate "anomalies and irregularities" alleged to have occurred in Michigan's Nov. 3 election.
Republican Sen. Pat Toomey said President Donald Trump "has exhausted all plausible legal options" in Pennsylvania, and that it was time for Trump to concede that Joe Biden won the presidential election.
By Chris Megerian Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump issued a full pardon Wednesday to Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser, rewarding a loyalist who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the Russia investigation.
David G. Savage Los Angeles Times The Supreme Court's conservative justices moved for the first time late Wednesday to block a governor's COVID-19 restrictions, ruling that New York's attempt to...
On Thanksgiving more than a century ago, many Americans were living under quarantines, and officials were warning people to stay home for the holiday.
The president-elect's team can now have government resources and officially meet with agencies as it prepares to take the reins of government.
“I’d rather have a president that has more than one day to prepare should Joe Biden end up winning this," the North Dakota Republican told "Meet the Press."
In a Thanksgiving address on Wednesday, President-elect Biden asked the nation to come together to battle the coronavirus.
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