As Thanksgiving approaches, 59% of voters nationwide believe that former Vice President Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of Election 2020. However, a Political IQ survey found that 32% disagree and believe President Trump actually won.
Sen. Blackburn's staff says she 'misspoke' when she called Biden presdident-elect; Trump Jr., feeling well; Gov. Cuomo to get Emmy – election updates.
John Podhoretz, Editor, Commentary Magazine; Columnist, New York Post; NBC News Contributor, says that conservatives have to resist going too far down the path to "crazy town."
It took 6 weeks for the pandemic to kill 3,000 Americans. In the last week that number has been taking place every two days. Latest COVID news.
First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.
Joe Biden's inauguration in January is expected to look a lot different than previous presidential inaugurals. The reason: COVID.
We must be smart and responsible in fighting this enemy, COVID-19. But shutting down Thanksgiving does not mean shutting down love and gratitude.
A U.S. judge has barred the Trump administration from expelling unaccompanied migrant children detained at the border under an emergency health order.
The president-elect's team can now have government resources and officially meet with agencies as it prepares to take the reins of government.
Some Democrats worry the president-elect's talk of bipartisanship sets him up for failure.
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