Nearly 50 percent of Latino voters in Florida who are not Cuban or Puerto Rican voted for Trump. Here's what helped the Republicans in 2020.
In one of his first tweets after being named, Sullivan warned about "the risk of violence against civilians, including potential war crimes."
As Thanksgiving approaches, 59% of voters nationwide believe that former Vice President Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of Election 2020. However, a Political IQ survey found that 32% disagree and believe President Trump actually won.
There's a little something for everyone in the president-elect's choices.
It took 6 weeks for the pandemic to kill 3,000 Americans. In the last week that number has been taking place every two days. Latest COVID news.
The president-elect's team can now have government resources and officially meet with agencies as it prepares to take the reins of government.
All those warnings from public health officials begging Americans to limit gatherings this holiday season amid a surge in coronavirus cases aren’t stopping the White House from planning a host of festivities and holiday parties in the midst of a pandemic.
The certification comes after President Trump pursued various legal challenges in the state.
This comes as Biden's transition has been hampered by the GSA amid Trump falsely claiming victory and fighting the certification of votes in several swing states.
Trump’s effort to undermine Joe Biden’s win in Michigan faced a devastating failure when a state board took a vote that is normally uncontroversial.
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