Some states are reporting rising cases as shots are ramping up throughout the US. Latest COVID news.      
President Biden continued his hands-off approach to the impeachment trial of his predecessor. Asked whether he would watch the trial, Biden said: "I am not." (Image credit: Pete Marovich/Getty Images)
Trump’s effort to undermine Joe Biden’s win in Michigan faced a devastating failure when a state board took a vote that is normally uncontroversial.
Jason Miller, a top Trump adviser, told Fox News the former president would re-enter the social media space with a platform that would "completely redefine the game."
Rep. Jim Clyburn, one of President-elect Joe Biden’s most influential allies, is pushing hard for Jaime Harrison to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
Adm. Brett Giroir, who served as former President Trump's COVID-19 testing czar, on Monday said that Trump himself could play a key role in combating vaccine hesitation among his supporters. 
Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland's confirmation hearing Monday could touch on whether Trump will be prosecuted. Also, Hunter Biden. And domestic terrorists. And ...      
The White House will announce a new global vaccine initiative at a virtual summit on Friday with leaders from Japan, India and Australia.      
The CDC says "not enough information is currently available" to lift its recommendations that people wear masks after getting the vaccine.       
In a historic meeting, Pope Francis on Saturday sat down with Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a revered figure in the country. Al-Sistani doesn't often appear in public, but when he does, his words have reverberated across Iraq, The Associated Press notes. So there's a sense that his statement following a "very positive" conservation with Francis calling on Iraq's religious authorities to help protect the country's Christian minority, who he said "should live like all Iraqis, in security and peace with full constitutional rights," could go a long way. Francis, who traveled to Iraq to show support for its dwindling Christian community, thanked al-Sistani for raising "his voice in defense of the weakest and most persecuted." When Francis arrived at al-Sistani's home, the cleric reportedly stood to greet the pope. Al-Sistani reportedly normally remains seated for visitors, so the gesture appears to be significant. Today, two of the world's most powerful men, Pope Francis and Ayatollah Sistani, met in Najaf. Sistani, who is reclusive, rarely leaves home, and stays seated during meetings, did something he's rarely done. He stood up to greet Pope Francis at the door. The symbolism is huge. — Muhammad Lila (@MuhammadLila) March 6, 2021 In response to the interfaith meeting between the two religious leaders, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi announced that March 6 is now a National Day of Tolerance and Coexistance in Iraq. Read more at The Associated Press.
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