In the state of Florida, former Vice President Joe Biden maintains a narrow two-point lead over President Trump.
President Donald Trump called Sacha Baron Cohen "a creep" after previously unseen footage from "Borat 2" was shared to Twitter Friday.
During the final presidential debate, President Donald Trump claimed that 180 million people would lose their private health insurance to socialized medicine if the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, is elected president. “They have 180 million people, families under what he wants to do, which will basically be socialized medicine — you […]
President Trump’s campaign faces a significant cash deficit against Democratic nominee Joe Biden less than two weeks out from Election Day, a stunning reversal of fortunes for a campaign that was once awash in cash.
President Trump didn't hesitate to provide a succinct response when challenged by reporter Lesley Stahl to define his base of support: "People that love our country."
President Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part thanks to his base of support: white voters who lack college degrees.
Trump has been debating for five years. The shock has gotten old.
President Donald Trump's campaign has begun heavily targeting Hispanic voters in Florida during the final weeks leading up to Election Day, in an apparent attempt to counter falling ratings among seniors in the state.
The CEO of ETWN, the largest Catholic media network in the world, on Tuesday endorsed President Donald Trump in the 2020 race, citing his belief in God as central to the country's private and public life.
President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their microphones silenced during the last presidential debate while the opposing candidate receives two uninterrupted minutes to answer each topic, the debates commission said Monday.
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