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A new PoliticalIQ.com national survey shows that so-called “Never Trumpers” are the key to former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the polls. The survey offered voters a choice between 4 presidential candidates...
In a state dominated by President Trump in 2016, the race this year appears to be close. The latest PolitialIQ poll shows 50% of Likely Montana Voters in favor of President Trump, with 46% supporting former Vice President Joe Biden. ...
With two weeks to go until the election, a once safe Senate seat for the Republicans is a toss-up today. The latest PoliticalIQ poll shows Republican Senator Steve Daines attracting 49% of the vote the Democratic challenger Steve Bullock is two-points back at 47%.
With less than three weeks left to go before the Presidential Election, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Trump among likely voters in Michigan
In the pivotal state of Pennsylvania, former Vice President Joe Biden has a six-point lead over President Trump with less than three weeks until the election.
In a key state for the President, Likely Arizona Voters show the candidates neck and neck with two weeks to go before the election.
Democratic Challenger Theresa Greenfield maintains a modest lead in her race for Senate against Republican incumbent Joni Ernst.
In North Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a slim two-point lead over President Trump with three weeks left before election day. PoliticalIQ’s latest poll shows 47% of Likely North Carolina voters voting for Biden, while 45% support Trump.
In the state of Florida, former Vice President Joe Biden has a narrow two-point lead over President Trump.
The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Likely Iowa Voters are evenly split on their preference for President, with 47% in favor of President Trump and 47% backing former Vice President Joe Biden.
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