In North Carolina, incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper appears poised to run away with the Governor’s race.  The latest PolitialIQ poll shows Cooper with the support of 53% of Likely North Carolina Voters and Republican Dan Forest with...
Yet another election dispute in a potentially critical swing state has landed at the Supreme Court’s door step. Republican legislative leaders, as well as the Trump campaign joined by the RNC, have asked that the Supreme Court to undo a...
Admission of an extramarital relationship doesn't appear to have dented Democrat Cal Cunningham's support against Sen. Thom Tillis.
With 15 days until Election Day, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are barnstorming battleground states they’re trying to flip. Biden appeared in North Carolina on Sunday, where he slammed the president’s handling of the pandemic, while Trump hit the rally stage in Nevada.
New cases of COVID-19 are continuing to rise in 31 states, and five have experienced a weekly jump of more than 50 percent, CNN reports.
North Carolina State Flag

North Carolina

Latest Carolina Presidential and US Senate Poll Numbers Let's take a look at how close the 2020 Presidential and US Senate race are in 'The Tar Heel' State.
President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are neck-and-neck in Georgia and North Carolina, while Trump holds a 10-point lead in South Carolina, according to a CBS/YouGov poll released Sunday.Biden and Trump are statistically tied...
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