Why Americans won’t panic if election results are delayed

President Trump introduced his election results timeline in a farce of innocent curiosity.

Coronavirus Cases Are Now Rising In Almost Every State In The...

The difference between the previous spikes in cases and the one we’re in now? COVID-19 cases are now rising almost everywhere.

WH Faults Pelosi, Pelosi Faults McConnell, and Stimulus Hopes Fade

President Donald Trump and his aides on Tuesday appeared resigned to waiting until after the election to get a coronavirus stimulus package and put blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the delay.

‘It’s Got To Stop’: Biden Swipes At Perdue Over His Racist...

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden threw jabs at both President Trump and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) during a drive-in campaign rally for their tactic of mocking Democrats amid their re-election bids.

It’s Basically Too Late To Vote By Mail Now

In many states, Tuesday was the last recommended day by which to drop your ballot in a mailbox. From now, voters are being encouraged to leave them in official drop boxes or vote in-person.

Texas Supreme Court upholds governor’s order for one ballot drop-off site...

Democrats and voting rights groups said the governor's order amounted to voter suppression give the size of some of the state's counties