L.A. Court Dismisses Case Against Election Software Firm

November 10, 2022

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have dismissed charges against the head of an election software company that several right-wing groups had claimed showed proof of voting system issues.

Eugene Yu, chief executive of Konnech Inc, was charged last month with two felonies for allegedly transferring election workers’ personal information to servers in China, in violation of his company’s contract with Los Angeles County.

The L.A. District Attorney’s office has since acknowledged starting the investigation and bringing the charges  due to a complaint from Gregg Phillips of the Texas-based non-profit True the Vote, a prominent purveyor of baseless voter fraud claims.

On Wednesday, the DA’s office sought to dismiss the case, sighting “potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence.” An L.A. Superior Court judge granted the dismissal without prejudice, meaning charges can be refiled in the future.

The dismissal comes just over a week after a federal judge in Houston ordered Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote jailed for contempt of court after they refused to identify a “confidential FBI informant” pertinent to a defamation lawsuit that Konnech filed against the non-profit in September.

Phillips and Englebrecht appealed the contempt order and have since been released.

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