Biden Announces Africa Trip

December 15, 2022

President Biden wrapped the U.S.-Africa Summit Thursday by announcing that he intends to visit the continent sometime in the future.

“I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in your home countries,” he told the leaders of 49 African nations, as his Administration works to strengthen ties in the region and counter growing influence from Russia and China. 

Biden was not specific about which nations he would visit, or when he would make the trip. 

He did say First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would also visit Africa, as would Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Former President Trump was the first commander-in-chief since President Reagan to not visit Africa. The last U.S. Presidential trip to Africa was in 2013 when President Obama visited Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. 

During the U.S.-Africa Summit in Washington this week, Biden called for the African Union to join the G-20 as a permanent member. 

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