Suspect Arrested in Series of Spanish Letter Bombs

January 25, 2023

Spain’s Interior Ministry said Wednesday police had arrested a man suspected in a series of six letter bombs, including those sent to the U.S. and Ukrainians embassies in Madrid.

The suspect, a Spanish national, was arrested in the northern city of Miranda de Ebro. A search of his home was “still underway” as of Wednesday, the Ministry said in a statement. 

On December 1, police detonated a suspicious envelope mailed to the U.S. embassy in Madrid. That occurred after a letter bomb sent to the Ukrainian embassy left a staffer slightly injured.

Other letter bombs had also been sent to Spain’s Defense Ministry, a European Union satellite center outside Madrid, and an arms factory in northeastern Spain that makes grenades sent to Ukraine.

A bomb squad also destroyed an explosive device mailed to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on November 24.

The Russian embassy in Madrid condemned the letter bombs at the time, saying in a tweet that “any threat or terrorist attack, especially those directed at diplomatic missions, are totally condemnable.”

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