Kremlin Says Putin Survived Overnight Drone Attack – Ukraine Denies Involvement

May 3, 2023

The Kremlin said Wednesday that two Ukrainian drones had struck the Moscow complex and the seat of the Russian government in the early morning hours.

The Kremlin accused Ukraine of an assassination attempt upon Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow residents had reported hearing two explosions behind Kremlin walls shortly after 2am local time.

According to the Kremlin, two drones have been destroyed, and Russian state media outlet TASS has reported that no one was injured.

Ukraine’s government in Kyiv later Wednesday denied involvement in the alleged attack. 

As of Wednesday morning, it was unclear how much credibility to put behind the Kremlin’s claims. Despite video postings of white smoke billowing out of the Kremlin complex, the Kremlin is also known for having perpetrated false flag attacks early in the Ukraine-Russia War.

However, last August a Russian opposition leader took credit for a car bomb that killed Moscow propagandist Darya Dugina, who was also the daughter of a prominent ultranationalist Russian. There had been speculation early in that investigation that the bombing might have also been a Russian false flag.

Video of the alleged drone attack can be seen here. It occurred just ahead of Victory Day on May 9, which annually is one of the biggest celebrations in Russia, marking its defeat of the Nazis in World War II.

There was no comment from Kyiv as of Wednesday morning U.S. Eastern Time.

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