Russian Missile Strike Hits Ukrainian Hospital

May 26, 2023

Ukrainian officials said a Russian missile strike hit a hospital Friday morning, killing at least one person and injuring nearly two dozen others, including two boys aged 3 and 6.

Officials said the strike took place on the campus of a three-story medical facility that includes a mental health hospital and veterinary clinic.

“The aftermath of Russian attack on Dnipro today,” tweeted Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, along with video of the hospital going up in flames. He added, “Another ‘victory’ for Russia. This time—over a civilian hospital.”

Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska also tweeted the video, saying, “Ukrainian medical facilities and civilian objects are again under attack. A terrible level of cynicism to hit a psychological dispensary in the Dnipropetrovs’k region with missiles. There are killed and wounded. My condolences to all those who suffered from this terrorist attack.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky posted cell phone video of the aftermath, showing the charred remains of the hospital. “Another [Russian] missile attack, another crime against humanity as such,” he tweeted.

He went on to say, “Only an evil state can fight against clinics. There can be no military purpose in this. It is pure [Russian] terror. Russia has chosen the path of evil of its own will, and it will not abandon this path by itself. We must defeat terror and we will do it. Ukraine and the entire free world together. Thank you to everyone in the world who helps us!”

“Russia is at war with the civilian population,” said Ukraine’s human rights commissioner Dmytro Lubinets.

Other buildings around the hospital also suffered extensive damage, according to Ukrainian officials. 

The missile strike followed another night of Russian aerial bombardments that involved 17 missiles and 31 attack drones across the country, according Ukraine’s military.

Ukraine’s Air Force said Friday morning that it destroyed 10 cruise missiles and 23 attack drones, including at least five cruise missiles and six drones shot down over Dnipro.

PHOTO: @Gerashchenko_en 

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