No Labels Founder Vows to End 3rd Party Campaign if it Helps Trump

July 18, 2023

No Labels founder and CEO Nancy Jacobson said Tuesday that her organization would end a third party run for President in 2024 if it showed it helped former President Trump win reelection. 

In an interview with NBC News, Jacobson answered a question about concerns her party would take votes away from President Biden, “As a Democrat? Categorically, that will not happen…we’ll pull it down.”

She further insisted, “We will not spoil for either side. The only reason to do this is to win.”

Jacobson did not explain what parameters would be used to make that call, but said No Labels would reevaluate the pool of candidates next April, and would offer a candidate if Americans do not want either candidate from the two main parties.

An Economist/YouGov poll from June found that 59% of those surveyed did not want to see Biden run for reelection while 56% said they did not want to see Trump run, either.

No Labels chair Joe Lieberman, former Democratic Senator from Connecticut, has asserted that the organization is an “insurance policy” for American voters, allowing them to broaden the choices in 2024.

However, a June survey by the bipartisan Prime Group suggests that a third-party run by No Labels could be a threat to Biden in 2024, especially if Trump is the GOP’s nominee. It found that in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with a No Labels candidate in the race, Trump would receive 40% of the vote in those crucial states, compared to 39% for Biden and 21% for No Labels. 

“In the seven swing states a No Labels ticket swings the vote from Biden to Trump by an average of 4.3 percentage points per state which is greater than the average margin of victory,” the survey concluded.

Last month, Ben Chavis, the Democratic co-chair of No Labels, also told NBC that the group “is not and will not be a spoiler in favor of Donald Trump in 2024.

No Labels released a 30-point “Common Sense” policy proposal over the weekend, ahead of a a town hall on Monday in New Hampshire.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who’s pushed back against President Biden on a number of the Administration’s legislative initiatives, was the  headline speaker at Monday’s event at St. Anselm College.

PHOTO: Nancy Jacobson in 2015

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