Special Counsel Obtains Thousands of Documents from Giuliani Legal Team

July 24, 2023

The office of Special Counsel Jack Smith is now in possession of thousands of documents from the legal team of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, CNN reported Monday.

The documents were related to Giuliani’s attempt to find voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election victory of President Biden over former President Trump.

According to CNN, Tim Parlatore, the attorney for former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, a Trump and Giuliani associate, handed over documents to prosecutors over the weekend.

“I have shared all of these documents, approximately 600MB, mostly pdfs, with the Special Counsel and look forward to sitting down with them in about 2 weeks to discuss.” Parlatore told CNN.

The documents reportedly include materials that had not been previously disclosed to the special counsel investigators probing the election and the related January 6, 2021 deadly insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

Among materials now in the special counsel’s possession are witness statements, research and other documents produced by Giuliani’s team, according to CNN.

Last week it was reported that Kerik was in talks about being interviewed by special counsel investigators.

Further, Trump revealed on his Truth Social platform last week that he had received a target letter from the special counsel’s office related to the 2020 Election. 

Since then, it’s been reported that the letter includes at least three charges: deprivation of rights, conspiracy to commit an offense or defraud the United States, and witness tampering, and that Trump is also likely to be charged with obstructing an official proceeding—the certification of the 2020 election by Congress on January 6. 

Giuliani last week revealed that he had not received a target letter from Smith’s office, but he also denied any claims that he had “flipped” on Trump. 

The federal grand jury in the 2020 election investigation met this past Thursday without handing up any possible indictments.

PHOTO: Rudy Giuliani, January 6

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