Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro found guilty of contempt of Congress

September 7, 2023

A federal jury in Washington DC has found former Trump advisor Peter Navarro guilty of two counts of criminal contempt of Congress.

Last year’s House Select January 6 Committee first subpoenaed Navarro for records and testimony in February 2022 as part of its investigation into the insurrection which stemmed from efforts to overturn Biden’s 2020 election victory over Trump. After he refused to comply with the subpoenas, Navarro was indicted on two counts of criminal contempt of Congress, to which he has pleaded not guilty. 

Jury selection occurred just this Tuesday after U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta last week rejected an argument from Navarro that he was protected from Congressional subpoena under executive privilege.

During closing arguments Thursday DOJ attorney Elizabeth Aloi asserted that the government only works if people play by the rules and are held accountable when they don’t.

“The subpoena, it is not hard to understand,” she stated, adding that Navarro knew “what he was required to do and when he was required to do it.”

Navarro’s attorney Stanley Woodward argued against the notion that the subpoena was simple, asserting that the document did not specify where in the Capitol complex Navarro was supposed to show up for his deposition. Further, Woodward asserted, prosecutors failed to prove that Navarro acted willfully in his failure to comply. 

Navarro is the second former Trump aide to be prosecuted for failing to cooperate with the January 6 committee. Steve Bannon was convicted last year on two contempt counts. Bannon’s case is currently on appeal.

Each criminal count against Navarro carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. 

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