Trial date set on damages Giuliani owes to defamed election workers

September 21, 2023

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in DC on Thursday set a December 11 trial date to determine the amount of damages former Trump attorney Rudy Giulani owes defamed election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. 

On August 30 Howell ruled in favor of the mother and daughter election workers from Georgia, who’d filed suit against Giualni after he publicly and falsely accused them of election fraud, saying that the pair could bee seen on video passing USB drives “like vials of heroin or cocaine” while counting ballots in Fulton County.

Prior to the judge’s ruling, Giuliani admitted in a July court filing that he had lied about Moss and Freeman.

In June 2022, Moss testified during a televised hearing of the House Select January 6 Committee about how a mob of Trump supporters had targeted her and her mother, both online and in person, after consuming debunked conspiracy theories about their actions on Election Day 2020, to the point where Moss said she and Freeman felt safe “nowhere.”

She further testified to Congress that what her mother could be seen passing her on the video in question was not a USB drive but simply “a ginger mint.”

In her ruling, Judge Howell fined Giuliani and his businesses more than $132,000 for failing to hand over discovery to the poll workers’ legal team. Damages to the plaintiffs will come on top of that fine.

The former Mayor of New York City, who has claimed that he’s strapped for cash, was also sued this week by his former attorney Robert Costello and Costello’s lawfirm over nearly $1.4 million in unpaid legal bills.

Giuliani, meanwhile, is among 19 co-defendents, including Trump, indicted on racketeering and other charges related to the attempt to overturn the 2020 Presidential election in Georgia. 

PHOTO: Shaye Moss, House January 6 Committee Testimony (Ruby Freeman in red behind Moss)

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