Trump & Letitia James expected in court for NY fraud trial

October 2, 2023

Both former President Trump and New York Attorney General Letitia James were expected to attend Monday’s civil trial New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan to determine penalties in the fraud ruling against Trump and his real estate business.

Judge Arthur Engoron on Tuesday had issued a summary judgment in the civil lawsuit brought by Attorney General James. The Judge in the Supreme Court 1st Judicial District in New York agreed with James’ allegations that Trump and his companies, as well as his two adult sons, had committed more than 200 instances of bank, tax and insurance fraud over a 10-year period from 2011 to 2021.

One of the former President’s adult daughters, Ivanka Trump, had also initially been named in the suit, but in June a New York State appeals court dismissed all claims against her.

Judge Engoron has already ordered that some of Trump’s business licenses be rescinded as punishment—making it nearly or completely impossible for the Trump Organization to continue to do business in New York State. The judge further said that an independent monitor would continue to oversee the company’s operations. 

The summary judgment resolved the key claim in James’ lawsuit, but the other claims remain, including the amount of damages that will be levied. The state Attorney General is suing Trump and the other defendants for $250 million in penalties and a ban on Trump doing business in his home state. The trial could last into December, according to Engoron.

On his platform Truth Social, Trump announced Sunday night that he would be in court Monday “to fight for my name and reputation against a corrupt and racist Attorney General, Letitia James, who campaigned on ‘getting Trump, and a Trump Hating Judge who is unfair, unhinged, and vicious in his PURSUIT of me.”

He’s also used his social media platform to call Judge Engoron’s valuation of the Florida country club residence, Mar-a-Lago, which was listed in the summary judgment, “FRAUDULENT!”

In her own statement Monday morning, James said, “No matter how rich or powerful you are, there are not two sets of laws for people in this country. The rule of law must apply equally to everyone, and it is my responsibility to make sure that it does.”

Trump has denied all wrongdoing, calling James’ case a political witch hunt. In August 2022 during a deposition in James’ office, he pleaded the fifth against self-recrimination more than 400 times.

PHOTO: New York State Supreme Court

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