Netanyahu calls for unity in Israeli government following Hamas attack

October 9, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called on opposition members of the Israeli government to unite with his administration in the wake of Hamas’ attack in Gaza.

“We are all united, and when we are united, we will win,” Netanyahu said in an address at nearly 10pm local time. “The country is united and now the management has to be united. I call on the opposition leaders to immediately form a national unity government” similar to one formed by Israeli leader Menachem Begin “at the start of the six-day war” in June 1967.

As of Monday afternoon, the death toll in Gaza from Saturday’s attack had reached close to 1,300 as of Monday midday including at least nine Americans. The number was expected to continue rising.

Israel officially declared war on Hamas on Sunday. In his speech Monday evening, Netanyahu said that it was “just the beginning….Any place from which Hamas operates, we’re turning to rubble. This has already happened today and it will continue happening even more so.”

Netanyahu further declared that Israel would beat Hamas “just like the Western world has beaten ISIS….They wanted a war and they will receive a war.” 

He added that Israeli intelligence had shown that “several terrorists” were still within Israel, and Israeli forces were “working around the clock to eliminate them.” 

Additionally, Netanyahu said he was in “constant communication” with President Biden—”and I would like to thank him on behalf of all citizens of Israel.” He also thanked “many leaders of the world for their support of Israel.” 

Netanyahu further warned the citizens of Israel to not be caught by “fake news and propaganda that is trying to separate us and scare us,” mentioning reports that Egypt had warned Israel about Hamas’ plan to attack. 

“The one thing that is most important is to stay calm,” said the Israeli leader. 

“I promise you, dear citizens,” said Netanyahu, “at the end of the war, all our enemies will know it was a terrible mistake to attack Israel. What we will do to our enemies in the next few days will echo for generations.” 

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