Ukraine’s Zelensky urges support for the people of Israel

October 11, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday urged world leaders to visit Israel and show their support for its people in the wake of Hamas’ surprise attack Saturday.

Zelensky’s remarks came during a surprise visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Speaking in English, the Ukrainian leader recalled the early days of Russia’s February 2022 invasion upon his own country, saying that “it was very important not to be alone, very important. And it can help to save your nation.”

Zelensky added, “So my recommendation to the leaders [is] to go to Israel, and I think to support people—just people. I’m not speaking about any institutions, just to support people who’ve been under terroristic attacks, people who are dying now.”

Israel officially declared war on Hamas on Sunday following the terrorist organization’s surprise attack on Israel Saturday. 

The first tranche of U.S. weapons arrived at a southern Israeli airbase Tuesday evening, following President Biden’s order on Monday to deploy the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group to the eastern Mediterranean.

In his remarks at NATO Wednesday, Zelensky also touched upon the possibility of either the Ukraine-Russia war or the Israeli-Hamas war escalating internationally. 

“I think we have to think oppositely,” said Zelensky, adding that we should not even allow the “possibility for aggressors even to think about that Third World War, the new wave of aggression, the new big tragedy.” 

That means making a big show of “political support [for] the people,” according to Zelensky. “This means unity. That’s all.”

PHOTO: Zelensky at NATO HQ Wednesday

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