Internet connectivity being restored in Gaza following blackout

November 1, 2023

Internet connectivity was being restored in the Gaza Strip after an hours-long blackout, the monitoring site Netblocks said Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, internet and phone networks inside the territory were completely down for hours, according to Paltel, the Palestinian Telecommunications Company.

Netblocks had referred to the shut-off as a “new internet blackout with high impact to the last remaining major operator, Paltel.”

Later Wednesday Netblocks told CNN that connectivity was being restored and that the duration of the blackout had been “just over 8 hours.”

Attempts by journalists in the region to reach Gaza residents by phone were also unsuccessful during the blackout.

While internet connectivity was being restored, the director of Netblocks, Alp Toker, said that service “remains significantly below pre-war levels.”

This past Friday, Gazans had lost all contact with the outside world when the territory’s communications network collapsed and wasn’t restored until Sunday. That disruption had coincided with Israel’s launch of its widened ground offensive in Gaza.

The Israeli military told CNN when asked about Wednesday’s blackout, “There is no comment on this.” 

PHOTO: Gaza City, 2007

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