Wagner group may be supplying Hezbollah with air defense support

November 2, 2023

U.S. intelligence officials on Thursday said the Russian mercenary group Wagner PMC may provide an air defense system to Lebanon-based terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the system in question is the SA-22, which uses antiaircraft missiles and air defense guns to intercept aircraft, though one U.S. official told the Journal that Washington had not confirmed whether the system had already been sent to Hezbollah.

However, U.S. intelligence officials are monitoring discussions between Wagner and Hezbollah, according to the intel source, noting that potential delivery of the system is a major concern.

Russia has been utilizing the Wagner group to wage its war inside Ukraine, But the mercenary organization also has an active presence in several African nations as well as Syria, where Hezbollah fighters have turned up recently.

PHOTO: Hezbollah drill in southern Lebanon, May 2023

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