House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden

November 8, 2023

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday subpoenaed Hunter Biden, son of the President, and James Biden, brother of the President as part of its impeachment inquiry.

The committee is asking for testimony from Hunter Biden by December 13 in its investigation into whether there is any proof that could tie the President to his son’s business activities. 

In addition to the subpoenas, the committee is also requesting transcribed interviews with other Biden family members, including Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, and the widow of his deseased brother Beau Biden, Hallie Biden. The committee also asked for transcribed interviews from James Biden’s wife, Sara; Elizabeth Secundy, the older sister of Hallie Biden; and Tony Bobulinski a former business associate of Hunter Biden.

The committee held its first impeachment inquiry hearing targeting President Biden in late September amid GOP allegations that he has lied about his business dealings. Republicans have homed in on assertions from Biden that he “never discussed” with his son or his brother anything involving their businesses, and that his son never made any money in China.

In fact, Hunter Biden has testified in court that he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chinese business interests, but it remains unclear whether the President ever discussed business dealings. 

Then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the inquiry on September 12, the day the House returned from August recess and 11 days after he’d said he would not open an inquiry without a floor vote, which never took place.

McCarthy has since been ousted from the Speaker’s chair. The new Speaker, Mike Johnson (R-LA), has backed efforts to impeach Biden even as he’s spoken of the need to use the Congressional power sparingly.

PHOTO: Hunter Biden with President on Inauguration Day 2021

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