UAW members ratify Ford & Stellantis deals with union

November 17, 2023

United Auto Workers (UAW) members voted to ratify tentative contract deals with automakers Ford and Stellantis. 

The ratification of the final pair of the Big Three automakers’ contracts came one day after UAW members who work for General Motors ratified their own contract. 

The UAW reached its tentative deals with each of the Big Three automakers separately, so each was voted on separately; they were not contingent on one another.

The 45-day UAW strike against the Big Three began at midnight on September 15 and ended October 30 with tentative GM and Stellantis deals following a Ford deal the week prior.

According to the UAW’s vote tracker for Ford, which must still be finalized, the Ford deal was supported by 68.2% of the nearly 35,000 union members at Ford who voted. There were still a few smaller facilities left to finalize voting, but there aren’t enough employees at those locations to offset the more than 12,600-vote margin.

The UAW’s Stellantis vote tracker found that that automakers’ deal was supported by 68.4% of the more than 26,000 hourly autoworkers at Stellantis who voted. As with Ford there were still a few smaller facilities left to finalize voting as of Friday afternoon, but not enough employees at those locations to offset the Stellantis’ workers roughly 9,650-vote margin.

Stellantis builds vehicles under the Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler brands for North America. 

All three of the separate deals with the automakers include wage increases of at least 25%. The deals also include a return of cost-of-living adjustments and other economic improvements.

According to UAW leaders, the gains are valued at more than four times those achieved in the union’s 2019 contracts and provide more in base wage increases than workers have received in the past 22 years.

PHOTO: UAW President Shawn Fain (in green) with striking Stellantis workers on October 23

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