Premature & sick babies arrive in Egypt from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

November 20, 2023

Twenty-eight premature babies arrived in Egypt from Gaza’s besieged Al-Shifa hospital via ambulance convoy on Sunday.

Four mothers and six nurses accompanied the babies, according to an Egyptian government official. The babies were to be sent to two separate hospitals for treatment in Egypt. 

Altogether, 31 babies had been transferred from Al-Shifa to Egypt, arriving at the Emirati Hospital in Rafah Sunday amid an operation overseen by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. CNN reported that the babies were greeted by hordes of medical professionals awaiting them with incubators. 

Two of the non-preemie babies were immediately sent to the Emirati Hospital’s ICU. 

Last week, the Israeli military launched what it said was a targeted strike to root Hamas militants out of the Shifa hospital. Israel says the terrorist group has been using the hospital as a military base of operations. U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that there is evidence to support Israel’s claims.

Days before the raid, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, was “not functioning as a hospital any more” due to a cut-off of fuel and supplies amid the Israel-Hamas war. 

On Monday, the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported that fighting had broken out around another hospital in Gaza, the Indonesian Hospital, where thousands of patients and displaced people have been sheltering. According to the Ministry, a shell struck the hospitals 2nd floor, killing at least 12 people.

PHOTO: Premature baby arriving in Egypt, per @PalestineRCS

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