North Korea redeploying troops along DMZ

November 27, 2023

South Korea’s Defense Ministry on Monday said North Korean troops had been redeployed to guard posts inside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), after Pyongyang withdrew from a five-year-old military agreement last week.

Photos taken by the South Korean Defense Ministry showed makeshift wooden structures posted in 11 locations along the DMZ. Such guard posts had previously been destroyed in accordance with an agreement between North and South Korea that was signed in September 2018, which also stipulated no-fly zones near the armed border.

“South Korean military is closely monitoring North Korean military’s movements at the frontline area and maintaining readiness posture accordingly,” South Korea’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Jeon Ha-kyu said during a press briefing Monday.

Another military official told South Korean news outlet Yonhap, “There are only a few guard posts currently undergoing restoration work, but the North is expected to restore all of them as they are essential facilities for surveillance.”

South Korean Joint Chief of Staff Kim Myung-soo further told reporters that “because it is North Korea that broke the trust, we will take corresponding measures.”

He added that the nature of those measures “depends on the enemy’s behavior.”

North Korea’s latest move comes roughly a week after Pyongyang successfully launched a spy satellite in defiance of a United Nations Security Council ban.

South Korea’s Jeon confirmed that the spy satellite—which would allow Kim Jong Un’s government to monitor incoming attacks and plot the North Korean military’s own movements more efficiently—appeared to have entered orbit.

PHOTO: North Korean soldiers near guard post in DMZ, per South Korean Defense Ministry

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