Hunter Biden indicted for tax evasion 

December 8, 2023

Hunter Biden, son of the President, was indicted Thursday in California on 9 charges related to evading paying $1.4 million in taxes.

The Department of Justice filed the charges of three felony and six misdemeanor tax offenses against 53-year-old Biden with the U.S. District Court, Central District of California.

According to the indictment, “The Defendant engaged in a four-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes he owed for tax year 2016 through 2019.”

It adds that he spent huge sums of money on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature,” including $70,000 on drug rehabilitation. 

According to Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, his client has repaid the taxes in full already. Lowell has accused Special Counsel David Weiss, who’s been charged with investigating Hunter Biden, of “bowing to Republican pressure.”

“If Hunter’s last name was anything other than Biden, the charges in Delaware, and now California, would not have been brought,” Lowell said.

The reference to “Delaware” is in regard to an indictment brought by Weiss in September related to gun possession after Hunter Biden lied on his gun application about his struggles with drug addiction.  He had possessed the gun for 11 days before disposing of it.

In July, an agreed-to guilty plea by Hunter Biden was put on hold related to both the tax evasion and the gun possession charges. The plea deal between federal prosecutors and Biden had hit a snag in federal court in Delaware when U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika raised questions about its broader implications regarding prosecutors’ ongoing investigation. 

One month after the plea deal fell apart, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss, a career prosecutor and U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, as special counsel.

Two of the gun possession charges a maximum 10-year prison sentence while the third carries a five-year maximum, if Hunter Biden is found guilty.

If found guilty of the tax evasion charges, Hunter Biden faces up 17 years in prison.

The White House has not commented on the tax evasion indictment, just as it did not comment on the gun possession charges. 

PHOTO: Hunter Biden with President on Inauguration Day 2021

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