Biden invites families of Hamas-held hostages to White House

December 12, 2023

President Biden has invited the families of Americans being held hostage by Hamas to a meeting at the White House, NBC News reported Tuesday, citing a senior Administration official.

The meeting would be the first in-person with the President since their family members were taken captive during Hamas’  massive October 7 terrorist attack in Israel

Of the initial 240 people abducted by Hamas, about 140 are still being held captive in Gaza, of which it’s believed nine are Americans.

Three Americans, including 4-year-old Abigail Mor Edan, were released in late November during a roughly week-long Israel-Hamas cease-fire deal, though Biden at the time had pressed to incorporate the remaining Americans in those negotiated exchanges that included Israel handing over some 150 Palestinian prisoners and allowing increased humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Biden has previously met with the hostages’ families members over Zoom, and other senior Administration officials have met with some of the families members, including Vice President Harris and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan has also spoken with the hostages’ families via Zoom, joined by special presidential envoy for hostage affairs Roger Carstens and Christopher O’Leary, director of the FBI-led Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell. 

It was unclear how many families would attend the President’s meeting face-to-face, or whether some would attend virtually.

PHOTO:  Pictures of hostages at families gathering in Israel, November 13

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