Major Egg Producer Halts Operations

April 22, 2024

There’s been considerable development in Farwell, Texas, where a prominent egg producer, Cal-Maine Foods, has temporarily halted operations at one of its facilities due to a confirmed case of bird flu. This situation has led to the decision to depopulate a staggering number of laying hens and pullets, impacting approximately 3.8% of the company’s flock.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller described this development as “absolutely devastating,” not just for Cal-Maine but for the entire Panhandle region. In light of these events, Miller has called for all producers to adopt heightened biosecurity measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. This rapid response underscores the seriousness of the bird flu outbreak and its potential implications on the agricultural sector.

What’s more, the CDC has confirmed a human case of bird flu in Texas, marking it as the second case in the United States and the first associated with cattle. This news comes alongside reports of five confirmed cases of bird flu in dairy facilities across the country, with multiple detections in dairy herds across Texas, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, and a presumptive positive test in Idaho.

Amid these alarming developments, there’s a silver lining as far as consumer safety is concerned. Sid Miller reassured that dairy products remain safe for consumption due to rigorous safety and pasteurization protocols in place. Dairy facilities are mandated to either destroy or divert milk from affected cows, minimizing risk to consumers.

The individual who tested positive for bird flu in Texas exhibited mild symptoms, treated effectively with antiviral medication.

So, while America hinges on another possible rise in prices and shortage, Mayor Pete is mocking Americans.



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