Biden Signs Bills Then Speak Before NABTU

April 24, 2024

Recently, President Biden gave a speech after the passing of the foreign aid package and TikTok bill in the Senate.

It was a wild speech and hinted that a lot of the reactions to what Biden says is scripted.

President Joe Biden announced on April 24, 2024, that he is expediting the delivery of essential military support to Ukraine by signing into law a significant $95 billion war aid measure. This legislation not only supports Ukraine but also provides assistance to Israel, Taiwan, and other regions facing crises.

Then it was off to a speech at a NABTU (North America’s Building Trades Unions) event.

You may need to listen closely for the next video. Biden was reading word for word and added “ppppaaauuusssseeee.”

Then he gets angry and suggests physically attacking former President Trump.

The aid package to Ukraine includes $1 billion in military support, part of the $61 billion designated for the country. It encompasses air defense systems, artillery ammunition, armored vehicles, and other military resources aimed at bolstering the Ukrainian forces. These forces have experienced morale declines as Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to secure military advantages.

Oh, and it appears that Biden snuck long-range missiles into Ukraine without informing Congress.  Ukraine has started using long-range ballistic missiles, which were covertly supplied by the United States, targeting Russian military positions in Crimea and other occupied regions. The U.S. plans to provide more of these missiles, known as the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), as part of the new military aid.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby emphasized the challenges in the eastern region of Donbas and other areas, noting, “Mr. Putin thinks he can play for time. So we’ve got to try to make up some of that time.”

The legislation also addresses concerns beyond Ukraine providing aid to Israel and Taiwan. The famed TikTok ban will require parent company ByteDance, based in Beijing, to divest its ownership or face a nationwide ban in the U.S. This action reflects widespread bipartisan concerns over national security risks posed by the social media platform, a claim ByteDance disputes.




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