Harvard Students Set Up Encampment In Solidarity

April 25, 2024

Shortly after Harvard suspended a Pro-Palestine club at the school, students set up an encampment they have called a “liberated zone.”

It hasn’t gotten as much attention as some of the other colleges like Columbia until now.

Below is a video of students rushing the common and setting up an encampment, keep in mind it costs around $80,000 a year to attend the school.

What happened next sort of takes the pharse they change “from the river to the sea” to a whole new level.

During the overnight hours on April 25, 2024 a funny incident happened…The spinklers went off in the “liberated zone.”

Below is a play-by-play of what took place from the Harvard Crimson:

Sprinklers Disturb Sleeping Campers — 2:20 a.m.

As temperatures dipped to 36 degrees, sprinklers near University Hall have begun to turn on — though none on the grass within the encampment.

There is movement throughout the camp as protesters seem to start preparing for more, distributing buckets around various points of the perimeter.

Sprinkler Turns on Inside Encampment — 3:50 a.m.

A sprinkler has turned on within the encampment, in the middle of the tents. A protester covered it immediately with a bucket, and is now seated on the bucket as a puddle forms around it. There is little movement among campers.

“Yellow team needs to come now,” a protester said on a phone call when the sprinkler turned on.

Sprinkler Struggles Continue — 4:05 a.m.

As protesters spend their first night in the Harvard Yard encampment, the biggest threat to their stay has not come from administrators or Harvard University police officers, but the Yard’s sprinklers.

Two more sprinklers turned on at the edge of the encampment near Massachusetts Hall. The sprinklers began to hit tents on the edge of the camp before protesters rushed over to covered the sprinklers with buckets and sit on them.

A short time later the “Palestine Solidarity Committee” posted a notice on Instragram that tents were being “flooded” in the cold weather.

Well, at least we know those in the encampment have bathed.



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