GOP Senator Comments On Biden Phone Call

April 26, 2024

Following the Iranian attack on Israel that included 170 drones, over 30 cruise missiles, and more than 120 ballistic missiles, Biden made a phone call to Israel.

U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly congratulated Netanyahu on successfully defending against the attack and advised restraint in responding to avoid further escalating regional tensions.

However, this private conversation has sparked controversy in the United States. Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, has accused President Biden of leaking details of this confidential call to the press. Senator Rubio suggests that this disclosure was intended to placate anti-Israel factions within the Democratic Party, whom he described as “pro-terrorist” activists.

Senator Rubio elaborated on his views in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, where he expressed concern that the leak was a strategic move by the Biden administration. He argued that the administration’s motive was to prepare a defense for when Israel inevitably retaliates, allowing them to claim they had advised against such actions.

Furthermore, Rubio criticized groups that he claimed celebrated the Iranian attacks, labeling them not as peace activists but as antisemitic and anti-Israel. He asserted that such groups are cheering on acts of aggression rather than advocating for peace.

In Chicago, the situation grew more heated as anti-war activists reportedly celebrated upon hearing news of the Iranian attacks on Israel. At the same event, chants such as “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” were reported, adding to the already volatile atmosphere.

The White House has yet to respond to these developments and Senator Rubio’s accusations.

Meanwhile, protests are taking place across college campuses.



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