Secret Service Agent Removed From Duties After Incident

April 26, 2024

It has been widley reported that a Secret Service Agent was removed from their duties after an incident that took place at Joint Base Andrews.

The agent, identified as Michelle Herczeg, was removed from her duties after a serious altercation with other agents.

The incident took place at the base, which serves as the home for Air Force One and Air Force Two. At the time, Vice President Harris was at the U.S. Naval Observatory, and her travel was not affected.

According to reports, Agent Herczeg began displaying erratic behavior early in the day. She grabbed a senior agent’s personal phone and deleted applications. Although the phone was recovered and the incident seemed minor, Herczeg’s behavior continued to be unusual. She was seen mumbling to herself, hiding behind curtains, and even throwing items at another agent.

The situation escalated when she confronted the Special Agent in Charge (SAIC). Herczeg became aggressive, shouting at the SAIC and claiming that other female officers would support her.

“That’s when she snapped entirely,” one source recounted.

Eventually, her behavior led to a physical confrontation where she chest-bumped, shoved, and tackled her superior, prompting other agents to intervene.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, especially since Herczeg was armed, the agents had to restrain her physically. They managed to disarm her, handcuff her, and remove her from the premises. Following this, medical personnel were called to address her condition, and she was described as having a “medical matter.”

It was later learned that Herczeg had lost a discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, the Dallas Police Department. She alleged that the department was discriminating against her because she was a woman.

Ronald Kessler, a former Washington Post, said that traditionally, the Secret Service would never have hired her.

“Yes, that should have been enough to exclude her, because you really have to have a pristine record,” he told Real Clear Politics Wednesday. “Certainly, this has been true in the past. There’s tremendous competition, and she never should have been hired.”

Kessler added that DEI hiring practices may be the reason the crazed agent was hired in the first place, noting that the agency agreed to make women 30% of their workforce.

“Claims that the Secret Service’s standards have been lowered as a result of our signing this pledge are categorically false,” Guglielmi told RCP.




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