New Report Reveals Feelings About US Economy

April 26, 2024

A recent Reuters/Ipsos report has shown that many U.S. voters believe Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would manage the economy better than current President Joe Biden. This report, conducted over three days and concluding on Sunday, revealed that 41% of respondents favor Trump’s economic strategies, while 34% prefer Biden’s approaches.

The survey captured opinions from 1,016 U.S. adults nationwide and indicates a significant sentiment among voters as the economy remains a pivotal issue in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for November 5. The preference for Trump over Biden in economic matters has widened from previous months, showing a seven-percentage-point advantage for Trump, which is outside the report’s margin of error of three percentage points.

Despite this economic viewpoint, when it comes to addressing political extremism and protecting democracy, Biden appears to have the upper hand. The report shows that 38% of respondents think Biden has a better approach to these issues, compared to 29% for Trump. This represents a nine-point lead for Biden, an increase from the eight-point advantage he had in March.

The U.S. economy, with its recent history of rapidly increasing consumer prices and a jobless rate that has remained under 4% for over two years, plays a significant role in shaping voter sentiment. Although inflation has decelerated recently, the economic performance continues to be a key factor for voters as they consider their choices for the presidency. Additionally, concerns about Biden’s age, as he is 81 years old, are also influencing voter opinions.

Overall, the approval rating for Biden’s performance as president has slightly decreased, dropping to 38% from 40% in March.



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