Scarborough Comments On Protests

April 29, 2024

Recently, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough discussed the recent demonstrations taking place in universities across the country, and he expressed that they are concerning him.

Many of us are old enough to remember the riots that followed in May 2020.

As buildings burned and stores were looted, Democrats said that protestors needed their space and condemned President Trump for declaring law and order.

Below is a photo from 2020:

Now fast forward to 2024, Pro-Palestine encampments, which, except for a few incidents, have turned into rich college kids sleeping outside in tents and showing weird things. However, since Biden is in office and it’s making him look bad, these leftist institutions are calling the police to remove the protestors.

The worry is that the backlash of these protestors could help former president Donald Trump.

“Ahead, the latest on the protests over Gaza that are spreading to more and more college campuses.

And, we’re going to have an exclusive, first look at Forbes’ list of the new Ivies, universities who are poised to replace the elite institutions, in part because of their handling of the protest. It is a much bigger story,” Mika said during the Monday April 29, 2024 morning edition of “Morning Joe.”

“And I’ve got to say, just the absolute weakness of the administration, the cowardice of the administration, and, unfortunately, on these elite colleges, having people that are now running these elite colleges on faculty boards that, that, that burned down college campuses in the 1960s, that were responsible for the election in part of Richard Nixon in 1968 because of the chaos on college campuses, because of the chaos in Chicago,” Scarborough said jumping in.

Just remember that Biden is known to love Scarborough and is said to watch him daily.

Scarborough blamed the leftist elites on the elction of Richard Nixon and “five more years of war.”

“And they gave America Richard Nixon and five more years of war. Good job. Let’s see if these administrators, the ones that, like, tried to levitate the Pentagon in the 1960s with Abbie Hoffman. The ones who took over presidents’ offices in the 1960s, that, that trashed college campuses,” he said.

Scarborough continued: “Let’s see if they’re now going to elect Donald Trump for, I don’t know, maybe the last election in American history. If so, good job. Way to go. Way to go, by not being able to discipline students that violate your rules. You either have rules or you don’t have rules. You either have standards or you don’t have standards. And if you can’t live by them, leave!”

If you think he’s upset now, just wait until he finds out encampments are popping up outside of college campuses now, too (video of the encampment is below the Scarborough clip).





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