DeNiro Screams Loses Temper On Set Of New Series

April 30, 2024

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro was recently captured on video having a heated moment on the set of his new Netflix series, “Zero Day,” which is currently filming in New York. The video, which quickly went viral, shows De Niro shouting intensely at an unseen audience outside the view of the camera.

In the 30-second clip, the audio is partly unclear, but De Niro can be heard yelling and screaming at someone. He repeatedly stresses that what’s happening is real, not part of the movie scene being filmed. “This is not a movie! This is not a movie! This is real!” he exclaims in a fit of rage.

De Niro’s outburst appears to be directed toward members of the public who were watching the filming. He urges the crowd to let the crew do their work without interference, suggesting that their support from a distance would be appreciated but emphasizing the importance of staying behind the barricades. The tension escalates as he shouts, “If you’re talking nonsense, then you gotta go home! They say they’re going to do it again! Again! We don’t want that! You don’t want that!”

Jesse Plemons, another actor, is also seen in the background of the video with a sort of stoic look as De Niro freaks out.


“Zero Day,” the series De Niro is working on, is described as a Netflix limited series that revolves around a catastrophic cyber-attack. The show is penned by former NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, among others.

This incident is one of several in recent years where De Niro lost his mind. Several times, he has lashed out at former President Trump and his supporters using obscenities to describe them.



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