Biden Gives Speech, Meets With Senator Sanders

May 3, 2024

Just like the red mark on former President Trump’s hand suspicions have been raised.

This week, President Joe Biden’s schedule has been notably light, following a weekend trip to Camp David. Once back at the White House the President’s schedule appeared light, with the annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday being the primary event he attended. The event, typically a light-hearted affair, did not go without its hitches for President Biden, who faced challenges during his speech.

On Tuesday, the President’s public agenda was empty, leading up to Wednesday, where he was slated to make remarks on healthcare. However, he was an hour late and kept Senator Bernie Sanders waiting. The speech was scheduled to take place at 11 am but it didn’t kick off until around noon that day.

There were further speculations about how the President was late when internet Fox News host Jessee Watters pointed out that Biden may have had CPAP strap marks on his face. Watters seemed to elude that Biden was late because he slept in.


Meanwhile the White House is facing some tough questions.

For example, why isn’t the Administration filling up the oil reserves Biden used.

Oh, and apparently, if you attack shipping in the Red Sea, Biden will let you off the terrorists list.



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