Biden Travels To Wisconsin For Speech

May 8, 2024

Recently, Biden’s team said they were going to have shorter and fewer speeches made by the President for him to really shine and get his message across.

Well, they may want to move to a new plan because it’s not working.

As many of you know, Biden now uses the short stairs to board and exit Air Force One.

As Biden boarding from Joint Base Andrews to head to Wisconsin Biden had another big problem. In the video below he slowly walks up the stairs and steps inside the plane. Then he decides to turn and wave getting incredibly unstable and was able to catch himself.

Remember, his team is focusing on high quality speeches!

Notice his voice as he rambles, is he slurring?

What are the odds this was on his teleprompter?

President Biden also declared that former President Donald Trump, who made the country energy independent, failed America but did not push people to buy America.

Then the president attempted to honor Liz Shuler, who is the head of the AFL-CIO union however, that’s not what came out of his mouth.

After all the weirdness and slurring Biden yelled, “Don’t jump!”



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