Pelosi Comments On Biden Debate Decision

May 15, 2024

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared her thoughts after learning about the upcoming debates between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Pelosi expressed reservations about sharing a stage with Trump, suggesting that Biden’s decision to engage in debates was his own choice, although she noted that it makes her nervous.

“I myself would never recommend going on stage with Donald Trump, but the president has decided that’s what he wants to do,” Pelosi said. “I think the format he is suggesting is a good one.”

Nancy isn’t exactly the best debater, though; she just got her butt whooped while at Oxford.

The Biden-Harris campaign and Trump have agreed to two debates (as of the writing of this post), one on June 27 hosted by CNN and another on September 10 hosted by ABC. These debates are set to take place inside a TV studio, featuring a system where the microphones of the speakers will automatically turn off once their allotted time has elapsed.

Pelosi suggested arranging separate town hall meetings for each candidate, where audience members could ask questions directly about future plans and policies. This format, Pelosi argued, would allow for a more direct and possibly less confrontational engagement with the candidates.

In other words, she’s worried about how Joe will hold up.

Reflecting on past debates, particularly the final 2020 debate between Trump and Biden, which was marked by significant tension and confrontations over issues like COVID-19 and the economy, Pelosi recalled Trump’s behavior during the 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton. She described his actions as unprofessional and not befitting the dignity of the presidential office. Clinton herself, in her 2017 book “What Happened,” recounted feeling uncomfortable as Trump loomed close to her on the debate stage, considering whether to ask him to keep his distance.




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