Incident On Bridge Looks Like A Movie Scene, Firefighters Rush To The Rescue

May 17, 2024

Newly released dash camera footage reveals a dramatic incident on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. On March 1st, around 12:15 p.m., a semi-truck crashed through the bridge’s guardrail, leaving it perilously dangling over the Ohio River. The harrowing scene unfolded with the truck’s driver still inside, triggering a swift response from Louisville’s first responders.

The footage, released by the Jefferson County Kentucky Attorney’s Office, shows the semi-truck heading northbound on the bridge when a vehicle veers into it’s lane. The video is split into two views: the top image shows the driver, while the bottom image captures the road ahead. The incident begins with a pickup truck suddenly swerving into the northbound lane, colliding head-on with the semi-truck.

As the pickup truck crashes into the semi, the driver, identified as 26-year-old Sydney Thomas, is violently jostled inside the cab. The screeching of wheels is heard as she struggles to regain control of her 18-wheeler. Despite her efforts, the semi-truck plows through the guardrail, and the footage captures her screams as the truck dangles over the edge of the bridge, more than 100 feet above the Ohio River.

The situation was dire, but emergency responders acted quickly. Dramatic video footage shows a first responder being lowered from a ladder to the precariously hanging truck. They manage to reach the cab and lift Sydney Thomas to safety, ensuring she was unharmed despite the terrifying ordeal.

The trailer of the semi-truck, belonging to a major food distribution company, wedged against the bridge’s beams, which prevented it from plunging into the river below. The truck’s hood, dislodged in the crash, hung loosely from the cab.

The driver of the pickup truck, 33-year-old Trevor Branham, faced serious charges following the incident. According to local news outlet WHAS11, Branham was charged with four counts of endangerment and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. His actions not only led to the crash but also endangered multiple lives on the bridge that day.




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