Newsweek Tucker Carlson Article Draws Serious Debate

May 21, 2024

So there was a lot of hoopla going on after Newsweek tried to claim that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson had created a show on Russian state TV.

Newsweek was claiming that Tucker launched a show after they saw Tuckers videos on Russian TV and they just ran the story never bothering to contact Tucker or his company.

One of Tuckers business partners Neil Patel tore into denying the claim adding, “Whoever is currently pretending to be the old Newsweek brand would know that if they had checked with us before printing like news companies are supposed to do.”

Dean Thompson, head of programming and production operations at the Tucker Carlson Network, told Newsweek: “The story of a Russian show is totally false. Any use of our content by that channel is without legal permission.”

The story was 100% fake news.

A fact check was also done on X (formerly Twitter) showing that Newsweek made the claim after a Russian newspaper reported that a Russian TV station aired clips of Tucker.

Then without doing any investigation published the claim.

Of course, everyones favoriate deep state pusher of misinformation former Rep. Adam Kinzinger was right on cue to push the fake story.

Same with Bill Kristol.

It was all BS.

Of course there will be no repercussions over what took place or apologies.



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