Goodell Breaks Silence On Butker Controversy

May 23, 2024

Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at a recent graduation ceremony has turned into a controversy. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker addressed the graduates with controversial remarks, encouraging women to embrace their roles as homemakers and criticizing the LGBTQ community and President Biden for his stance on abortion.

Butker’s speech included a strong critique of President Biden and touched on topics such as abortion, IVF, surrogacy, and euthanasia. He described these issues as stemming from “pervasiveness of disorder” and criticized the media and cultural values he sees as degenerative.

In reality it’s a fake controversy because the left was trying to use it to demonize a conservative and it’s not working which makes them even more upset.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell emphasized the importance of freedom of speech in America. He acknowledged the diversity of opinions among the NFL’s 3,000 players, stating that this diversity reflects the broader society and is something to be treasured. Goodell’s comments were echoed by Butker’s teammates and coaches.

Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback and reigning Super Bowl MVP, spoke about the value of having discussions in the locker room and how those discussions can help people make informed decisions. Mahomes said, “Even though there’s vast differences as far as those speeches happening at the same time, you get to talk to guys and get knowledge, and you make your own decisions at the end of the day. That’s what makes this country so great.”

Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid also commented on the situation, highlighting the importance of allowing people to express their opinions and work through differences. Reid said, “Everybody’s got their own opinion, and that’s what’s so great about this country. You can share those things, and you can work through it. That’s what guys do.”

Goodell’s response though has the left wing sports writers furious. Doug Farrar of USA Today questioned the NFL’s response to Butker’s speech compared to the response to Colin Kaepernick’s protests. Farrar whined asking if Goodell’s more neutral response to Butker suggested agreement with his views, contrasting it with the league’s handling of Kaepernick’s stance on social justice issues.

Writers at Fansided complained that Goodell’s response was “gutless.” They felt that the response lacked consistency and did not adequately address the controversial nature of Butker’s comments.

A man spoke from his heart bravely and had his own opinions, and according to the left, that’s “gutless.”



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