CNN Report Comments On Impact Of Trump Case

May 30, 2024

Hey folks, let’s dive into the latest twist in the political saga surrounding Donald Trump and the ongoing efforts to hold him accountable. You might have thought that with the high-profile nature of Trump’s “hush money” trial, the public’s opinion would shift dramatically. Yet, according to a recent CNN report, that’s far from the case.

Before the trial even began, 46 percent of Americans believed Trump was guilty of his alleged crimes. And after hearing Michael Cohen’s testimony and all the subsequent proceedings? Still, 46 percent. What does this tell us? Essentially, those who believed in Trump’s guilt from the start remain steadfast, while those who didn’t have not been swayed by the trial.

CNN took a closer look at why public opinion remains so unchanged, referencing an Ipsos poll to understand what Americans are really paying attention to these days. Surprise, surprise – it’s not the courtroom drama of Donald Trump. Topping the list of concerns are the economy and inflation, with a whopping 65 percent of respondents citing these issues as their primary focus. Following closely is immigration at 52 percent, and election legitimacy at 49 percent. Meanwhile, Trump’s legal battles sit at the bottom with only 42 percent of Americans truly invested.

“The fact is most Americans don’t really care that much,” said CNN reporter Harry Enten. He highlighted a crucial point: Americans are preoccupied with issues that directly affect their daily lives. Economic hardships, inflation, and concerns about immigration are taking center stage. In such a climate, political theatrics, no matter how sensational, struggle to capture widespread attention.

So there’s a saying for things like this…The Democrats are failures. Their plan to smear Trump with lawfare has failed even if he is convicted.

Enten also pointed out an interesting tidbit – despite all the controversy, Trump is still slightly edging out Biden in terms of approval ratings. This suggests that while Biden might still have a chance to secure a win, Trump is gaining momentum. For the average American, grappling with financial stress and uncertainty, the Democrats’ attempts to derail Trump seem less relevant.

This trial, seen by many as a strategy to boost the Democrats’ prospects in the upcoming elections, aimed to either disqualify Trump or at least tarnish his reputation. But it didn’t work.

In the end, James Carville’s famous phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” rings truer than ever. When people’s wallets are hurting, when they’re worried about their livelihoods and future, political scandals take a backseat. If the economic situation were stable, perhaps Trump’s trial would dominate the national conversation. But as it stands, the pressing concerns of everyday Americans are drowning out the noise of the courtroom drama.

The Biden team has already started to downplay what/if the effects of a Trump conviction would have on the election.

“There are bigger issues that matter more to voters and directly impact their lives than whether Trump is a convicted criminal,” Jim Messina, former Obama campaign manager, said.



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