Biden Gives Comment On Trump Case

June 1, 2024

In the wake of the Manhattan trial against former President Donald Trump, current President Joe Biden has found himself under scrutiny for his comments regarding the verdict. Biden’s remarks have been described as disgraceful, as he labeled any questioning of the verdict as “dangerous,” “reckless,” and “irresponsible.” This response has drawn criticism for not acknowledging the various issues surrounding the case.

However, it was Biden’s response to Trump’s accusation that he was behind the lawfare that truly raised eyebrows. Instead of taking the matter seriously and addressing it with the gravity it deserved, Biden grinned and appeared to revel in the situation. This reaction has been characterized as despicable, with many finding it inappropriate and lacking the somberness the situation demanded.

The Trump team has since released a new ad highlighting what they describe as Biden’s “face of corruption.” This ad, along with the public’s reaction to Biden’s behavior, is already haunting Joe.

When asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy if he was concerned about facing similar legal challenges, Biden confidently stated that he was not worried because he “didn’t do anything wrong.” This assertion, however, has been met with skepticism, given the numerous classified documents, including those from his time as a Senator, that have been found in his possession. This has led many to question the legitimacy of his claim and the transparency of his actions.

Biden’s response to Doocy’s follow-up question about pulling the strings behind the scenes was similarly dismissive, as he claimed, “I didn’t know I was that powerful.”



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