Minnesota Lawmaker Facing Calls To Resign

June 3, 2024

Democratic Minnesota state Senator Nicole Mitchell is under fire from her own party over a month after being charged with burglary. She allegedly broke into her stepmother’s home to retrieve her late father’s ashes and some personal belongings. This situation has led to calls for her resignation from key figures in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, emphasized accountability in his statement on Thursday, saying, “Elected officials should be held accountable, including members of our own party.” He added, “While Sen. Mitchell is entitled to her day in court, her continued refusal to take responsibility for her actions is beneath her office and has become a distraction for her district and the Legislature.” With the legislative session now over, Martin believes it’s time for Mitchell to step down and focus on her personal and legal challenges.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, also a Democrat, echoed these sentiments last week, according to FOX9 Minneapolis.

The controversy started on April 22 when Mitchell was arrested at her stepmother’s home. Following her arrest, she was removed from her committee assignments and caucus meetings. The charges against her include first-degree burglary. Mitchell has denied the allegations, claiming she was checking on an ill loved one.

The criminal complaint tells a different story. According to the complaint, Mitchell admitted entering through a window and explained she was attempting to retrieve her late father’s ashes, photos, a flannel shirt, and other sentimental items. She claimed that her stepmother, who stopped communicating with her after her father’s death, refused to give her these items.

Mitchell invoked her Fifth Amendment rights and refused to speak when she appeared before an ethics panel on May 7. This refusal has only intensified calls for her resignation. While Republican lawmakers demanded her resignation shortly after her arrest, the pressure from within her own party has now become significant.

Her next court hearing is set for June 10. Mitchell, who represents District 47, was elected to the state Senate in 2022. Before her political career, she was a meteorologist for KSTP-TV and Minnesota Public Radio. She also serves as a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard.



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