Biden Attends Normandy Ceremonies On D-Day Anniversary

June 6, 2024

So, let’s dive right into the whirlwind of events that took place during the D-Day ceremonies in Normandy this past Thursday. President Joe Biden, known for having a rather limited schedule, had quite a day, and it was evident that it took a toll on him.

To start, Biden appeared fatigued during his conversation with ABC’s David Muir and even earlier in the ceremonies. At one point, in a particularly unusual moment, he seemed ready to sit down while everyone else was standing.

This prompted First Lady Jill Biden to swiftly escort him away after the ceremony, even as French President Emmanuel Macron continued to greet the honored veterans.

The next segment of the ceremonies took place at Omaha Beach. When Biden exited his SUV, he had another peculiar moment, holding his arms out and crouching slightly, which left many observers puzzled. People speculated about what might have been happening, but the truth remains unclear. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t a typical or expected behavior.

As the day progressed, things didn’t get much smoother. While walking down the red carpet, Biden was caught on a hot mic telling Macron that his advance team had instructed him to leave first because he tends to hold people up. This statement could be interpreted as quite awkward, perhaps even a little presumptuous, suggesting an air of self-importance.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) was quick to pounce, sharing multiple videos on X (formerly known as Twitter) that portrayed Biden in what they described as “a perpetual state of confusion.” One such video showed Biden bending down uncertainly, seemingly unsure of whether it was time to sit down.

Adding to the controversy, Biden made a noticeable gaffe in his speech to D-Day veterans, where he claimed that hundreds of thousands of Russian military personnel had been killed in Ukraine. He stated, “They’ve suffered tremendous losses with Russia – the numbers are staggering, 350,000 Russian troops dead or wounded.”

All in all, the D-Day ceremonies highlighted several moments that have further fueled the ongoing debate about President Biden’s fitness for office. The White House wanted a Regean moment but they got a total disaster.



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