Margaret Brennan Discusses Latest CBS Border Findings

June 10, 2024

In a recent CBS News interview, host Margaret Brennan expressed confusion over the results of a poll indicating majority support for the deportation of all illegal immigrants. The poll, conducted by CBS News/YouGov from June 5-7, revealed that 62% of registered voters would back a government program to deport all migrants living in the U.S. illegally. This surprising finding comes despite practical challenges and legal questions surrounding such a massive deportation effort.

Brennan claimed that President Biden has already deported or repatriated more individuals in the past year than any year since 2010, according to Homeland Security. She questioned the feasibility of rounding up children and whether local or federal authorities have the resources to carry out such an extensive operation. “So what exactly do people think they’re supporting?” she asked, highlighting the complexities of implementing such a policy.

Anthony Salvanto, CBS’ director of elections and surveys, explained that the survey’s support for a deportation program is primarily driven by Trump supporters, although some Democrats also expressed support. He noted that public sentiment captured by the poll offers a broad sense of direction rather than detailed specifics. “A lot of folks do say yes,” Salvanto said about involving local authorities in deportations. “You’re not going to pick that up in an aggregate public opinion.”

Salvanto emphasized that the public’s support reflects a broader dissatisfaction with the current system, which many feel is not working. “We are in a different era in which a lot of folks say the system as a whole is not working,” he noted, suggesting that this general sentiment fuels support for more drastic measures.

During the interview, Brennan who was visibly shocked by the results relented that Americans generally desire the government to “do something” about the immigration issue. This sentiment is echoed by former President Trump, who has proposed using the National Guard to deport illegal migrants and vowed to carry out “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”



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