Biden Gives Remarks On Gun Safety

June 11, 2024

It just so happened that President Biden was giving a speech on gun safety the same day that his son, Hunter Biden was found guilty over not filling out federal firearm paperwork correctly.

The speech was a hot mess.

You know what’s funny about that line, the Taliban didn’t have F-15 and Joe caved to them.

Guess what!? Biden is a “professor” now.

When we say he’s decomposing in real time…we mean it! Watch:

Another gaffe.

Ummm what?

Biden was also heckled and interrupted by hecklers while speaking.

The night before Biden seemed just as clueless.

Was it the juice?

All of the clips you just watched took place in about a twenty four hour time period.

But there’s nothing to worry about Biden is fine.



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